Venture investor Tim Draper: "Bitcoin will reach $250.000 by 2020"

Monday- 04.16.18

Well-known venture investor Tim Draper urged not to trust the skeptics and those who give more discreet predictions

The cost of the first cryptocurrency will grow more than 30 times in the next four years, said the founder of the company Draper Fisher Jurvetson and investor Tim Draper. He noted that blockchain technology is one of the most outstanding inventions of mankind. The expert said this at the Forum Blockparty 2018 at the University of Draper in San Mateo, California, reports Bitcoinist.

"I think bitcoin will reach $250 thousand by 2022... Believe me, it will happen. They'll think you're crazy, but believe me, it's going to happen, and it'll be amazing! ", says Tim Draper.

In 2014, a specialist purchased 32 000 bitcoins confiscated by the US government at the auction. Then he paid about $18 million, at the average rate on April 13, 2018, they cost about $256 million.

The specialist has a positive attitude towards digital money, blockchain technology and primary token placement projects. In autumn 2017, he said that the emergence of a new sphere allowed to involve in the world economy people who can not use banking services.

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