Forex ECN Brokers

ECN technology is truly regarded a real breakthrough in the Forex market. This technology enables traders to get directly to the interbank market and openly make transactions with other market participants who’re free to introduce their own orders there.

Brokers, who support ECN model and provide the appropriate marketplace, are called ECN brokers. Today they occupy a more privileged position if compared to Market-Makers as ECN model is associated with more flexible and profitable conditions for trading.

Floating spreads are by far the best advantage. They are variable and may start from 0 pips at some ECN brokers. Also you have an access to the true pricing being able to see the Best Bid and the Best Ask prices currently available at the market.

ECN brokers give you a chance to earn more as they handle larger trading volumes. Due to the increasing number of Liquidity Providers the ECN liquidity pool is constantly refilled, so you may aspire to get substantial profits if you have a proven trading strategy and rely on your professional skills.    

According to the latest data, FxPro, FXOpen and RoboForex are considered the best ECN brokers. They are distinguished among the others due to the favorable environment for ECN trading they create. They’ve firmly taken the leading positions in the market and try to uphold it by offering new products and services.

FXOpen has deserved the reputation of the top ECN broker after the adjustment of the innovating ECN/STP technology to the familiar MT4 trading platform. Having introduced a more convenient and trader-oriented model he’s become a revolutionary in the Forex industry. Apart from introducing the cutting-edge technologies, FXOpen offers the lowest spread and Mark-up, as well as elaborate partnership program, advanced PAMM accounts and various contests with an impressive bonus pool.    

The best ECN broker is the one who tunes into the modern tendencies and constantly improves his services. We hope you’ll choose the right one!    

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