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Why advertise with us? is an independent resource offering you a wide range of advertising opportunities including broker listings, ad display, free publication of press-releases and articles and various forms of sponsorship. Our team is ready to assist you in expanding your business, making it recognisable and highly-rated.  

How advertise with us?

The best workable options are:

  • Broker listings;
  • Banner ads;
  • News, articles, press releases;

Broker listings – provides objective information on the activity of the most popular Forex brokers. This tool is an aid to Forex novices looking for a reliable broker. The broker’s rating is determined on the basis of the website visitors’ reviews, and displays the overall position of the broker and the services it provides.

Broker listings pricing: US$50 per month, US$400 per annum 

Banner ads – display a company’s logo, slogan or description of the company’s product or services. The banner set includes front page banners, headings and contextual banners (vertical and horizontal strips).

  • Banner  1 – 468х60 px - US$100 per month,  $900 per annum
  • Banner  2 – 728х90 px - US$150 per month, $1,300 per annum
  • Banner  3 – 160х600 px - US$80 per month, $600 per annum
  • Banner  4 – 728х90 px - US$50 per month, $400 per annum

News, articles, press releases – can be published in the News section free of charge conditional on being listed in the brokers rating. welcomes the opportunity to highlight special events and projects and is open to suggestions.  

For proposal requests and pricing information, please contact our PR Manager at .